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The Professional Tree Care Company is one of only five Licensed Timber Operators (LTO) based in the immediate Bay Area fully authorized to conduct any type of forest tree cutting and removal.


What is an LTO? If you are a California landowner wishing to remove trees on forest covered lands, either for development or to sell the logs, you must first obtain a permit from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. California requires that such forestry work be performed by a Licensed Timber Operator (LTO), who must understand and comply with all laws relating to such tree cutting or removal.


Our full fleet of equipment specifically designed for this sort of work, includes:

  • heel boom loaders

  • whole tree chippers

  • skidders

  • log trucks


Please call us to discuss your forestry needs, whether in the immediate Bay Area or beyond.


Learn more about LTOs and the laws surrounding forestry in California.

East Bay 
(510) 549-3954

(650) 568-0600
San Francisco
(415) 989-8733

Toll Free
(888) 335-8733
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