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We've got it covered. 


With our extensive inventory of equipment, The Professional Tree Care Company can prune, plant or remove trees of all sizes. We work on trees in any location and take on jobs with any amount of trees.


Our fleet includes:


  • Tree Trucks w/Whole Tree Chippers and 14”-18” or 20” Grapples

  • 6-Wheel and 10-Wheel Log Trucks

  • 6-Wheel Site Truck

  • 12-Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

  • 23-Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

  • 28-Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

  • 40-Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

  • 70-Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane

  • Vermeer and Carlton Stump Grinders

  • Excavators W/Hydraulic Thumbs and Stump Grinding Attachments

  • Spray/ Fertilizer/ Injection Truck and tow-behind sprayers

  • Track-Mounted Hydraulic Stump Remover

  • Skidders, Loaders and Brush Chippers


With appropriate site access, we can remove a tree with one of our hydraulic truck cranes. Cranes offer many advantages over manual removal. Tree removal with cranes is faster, safer, and more efficient.  Having cranes of different sizes allows us to access many different areas of a property, or we can simply use the street access to reach the tree and remove it piece by piece. Typically, when a tree is removed with a crane, the tree climber makes far fewer cuts, the logs are longer, and the tree is more quickly removed.

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